Phillips Charitable Foundation Grant

Cleary School for the Deaf is a grateful recipient of a generous grant from the
Philips Charitable Foundation. We have received two, much needed, laptop charging stations. These allow students to have access to fully charged, ready to use equipment each day to support their educational needs.

This grant has also enabled us to install a partition in our school gymnasium.
This division has allowed us to create a multipurpose space which can be sectioned
off and used for a multitude of activities when physical education classes are not in
session. The smaller space created when the partition is closed is more optimal for
deaf students in that it reduces the reverberation created in a large setting which
tends to overwhelm and distract young students, especially those who are deaf.

Through the grant we were able to purchase Hearing Assistive Technology in
the form of FM transmitters, remote microphones, for connection with cochlear
implants and Bone Anchored Devices as well as classroom loudspeakers, which
provide educational access when listening at a distance, in background noise and/or
in reverberant settings. This equipment is a wonderful addition to our school’s
inventory as it provides direct connection to the students technology and they are
able to receive a clear amplified sound which enhances learning for our students.

Thank you, Phillips Charitable Foundation, for supporting the education of students by
providing equipment which will benefit them in a myriad of ways, both now and in
the years to come!